Decal Improvements

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 introduces an all new decal system, providing several key improvements and new functionality.

Support of all SOLIDWORKS Decal Types


Maps all points onto a cylinder


Maps all points onto a sphere


Maps all points onto a specified plane and then projects the decal onto the reference entity


Maps decals onto the model faces, including multiple contiguous nonplanar surfaces with no stretching or shrinking


Animation Keyframe Support

You can create unique decal animations by right-clicking a decal and clicking Add Keyframe. You can scale and position decals. In addition, you can animate the Opacity (visibility) to show items such as multiple decal options, slide shows, flashing billboards, and flickering TV screens.

Additional Key Improvements

  • Floating decal issues, with noticeable drop shadow, are resolved
  • Improved overall performance and files with many decals are handled properly
  • No limit on the number of decals per project/part
  • Support for up to 6 overlapping decals on a single part