Updated User Interface

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 has a restyled user interface with a modern, clean design theme that reflects current industry and market trends. This modernized user interface includes restyled icons that complement the new design theme and increased spacing that helps with touchscreen support.

Use Tools > Options > User Interface > Interface Options to switch between Dark and Light themes.


Other Main User Interface Updates

  • Palette subtabs simplify lengthy settings.

  • To toggle the palette layout between vertical and horizontal, click Change Layout (Palette toolbar).
  • In Large List palette views, additional information is available.
  • Simplified right-click context menu.

  • Reorganized Output tools.

  • New Camera Orthographic and Isometric view presets on the Main toolbar that are similar to SOLIDWORKS.

  • To toggle the camera between locked and unlocked, press L.
  • For camera zoom to fit, press F.
  • You can enable a SOLIDWORKS Visualize watermark, which is overlaid on the lower-right corner of the viewport and final renders. Click Tools > Options > 3D Viewport > Display Options > Show Watermark.
  • Larger viewport resolutions (up to 4K) are now supported.