Interactivity Performance Improvements

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 includes three main improvements to the raytracing performance:

  • Faster interactivity directly in the Viewport with Fast and Accurate raytracing modes
  • Added new Fast raytracing mode switch for even faster Fast mode
  • Ability to set the default number of passes for Fast raytracing mode

Faster Interactivity Directly in the Viewport

Officially included in the 2017 SP2 release, Viewport interactivity performance was significantly improved when interacting with the camera and/or geometry with Fast or Accurate modes enabled. No setting change is required to see these performance improvements.

Fast Raytracing Mode Switch

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 includes a Fast mode toggle switch: Speed or Quality. You can access this switch from the Main toolbar.

Speed: Recommended for fastest interactivity in the Viewport.
  • This new Fast render setting completes renders almost two times faster than in previous versions by removing self-shadowing and time-consuming reflections.
  • This is ideal for projects without glass, clear plastics, or transparent objects.
Quality: Recommended for final renders.
  • This new Fast render mode is actually more realistic and advanced than the previous Fast render mode. This mode has some of the more photorealistic features found in Accurate mode, but with the faster raytracing speeds of Fast mode.
  • This new Fast mode allows for a greater usage of Fast raytracing mode throughout more and more projects. Accurate raytracing mode is only required for interior scenes.

For more information, see this Visualize Forum thread.

Set Default Number of Passes for Fast Raytracing Mode

With the Fast mode toggle switch between Speed and Quality, you have the option to set the default number of Render Passes for the Fast render mode. Click Tools > Options > 3D Viewport > Fast Rendering Mode.

Some Fast mode renders can still be noisy, so this setting allows you to adjust the default number of Fast mode render passes to reduce any visible noise in final Fast mode renders.

The accumulation process stops once this number is reached. Small values lead to shorter render times but may produce noisy images. The default number is sufficient for most projects.

The Fast mode setting (Speed or Quality) and Render Pass count selected in the Viewport are the settings used during an offline render if you select Fast mode.