3DConnexion Spacemouse Support

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 supports all 3DConnexion® 3D motion controllers.

Navigation Modes

You can apply the controller motion information to three different navigation modes. To specify the Navigation Mode, click Tools > Options > User Interface > Spacemouse Options.

Navigation Mode - Object (Default)

Object mode navigation makes the user believe that he is holding the object in his hand. This mode is used in the modeling and inspection of parts and assemblies. This mode uses a smart algorithm to automatically set the rotation center of the camera. While the entire scene is visible in the viewport, the center of the scene is taken as the rotation center. When a user zooms close to objects to investigate details, the rotation center is set to a point on the 3D object’s surface that is in the middle of the viewport. This mode is also most commonly used in the SOLIDWORKS software.

Navigation Mode - Camera

Camera mode gives the user the impression that he is moving around in the scene he is observing. A typical use for a camera mode is exploring virtual sceneries, similar to the navigation known from first person games. This mode requires the user to move and turn in the direction that the cap on the 3D Mouse moves, and causes the objects displayed to move in the opposite direction to object mode described above. In camera mode, the center of rotation is at the eye or view point (actually the position of the camera itself).

Navigation Mode - Fly

Fly mode is used to describe navigation mode where the horizon is required to always remain leveled or horizontal. Fly mode is the same as camera mode with the additional horizontal constraint.

Object Manipulation

In addition to changing the view or camera, you can use the 3D motion controller to move and transform the selected 3D objects (Models, Groups and Parts). Press the SHIFT key while using the 3D motion controller.
The selection of 3D objects can not be empty.
These object manipulation modes in the Main toolbar are supported:
Move Translates or rotates objects according to the input from the 3D motion controller.
Scale Scales objects along the X, Y, and Z axes.
Pivot Translates the Pivot or rotation center of objects along the X, Y, and Z axes.

Virtual 3D Mouse Commands

SOLIDWORKS Visualize supports a set of commands that are predefined by 3DConnexion® to reset the view or choose commonly-used orthographic and isometric views. These commands are supported by a wide range of 3D applications and often have dedicated buttons on the motion controller devices.

Application Commands

SOLIDWORKS Visualize offers a wide range of application or action commands that you can customize and allocate to device buttons or virtual menus to speed up your most common workflows.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize includes more than 90 application commands that you can customize using the 3DConnexion® properties menu from the motion controller’s device driver.