Draw Toolbar

Sketch tools such as Line, Rectangle, and so on, on the Sketch toolbar can be used in drawings, but generally are used in part sketches to create features. Most annotations on the Annotation toolbar , such as Notes, can be added in parts or assemblies and then inserted automatically into drawings. Some annotations, such as Center marks, are available only in drawings.

Tool Tooltip Command   Tool Tooltip Toolbar
Line LINE   Line Sketch. See Sketch Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Construction Line XLINE   Centerline Sketch
Always a construction line
- - -   Construction Geometry Sketch
Any sketch entity can be turned into construction geometry
Polyline PLINE   Line Sketch
Autotransition between lines and tangent arcs
Polygon POLYGON   Polygon Sketch
Rectangle RECTANG   Rectangle Sketch
Arc ARC   Tool_Tangent_Arc_Sketch.gif Tangent Arc Sketch
- - -   3-point Arc Sketch
- - -   Centerpoint Arc Sketch
Circle CIRCLE   Circle Sketch
Revcloud REVCLOUD   Cloud eDrawings® Professional
Spline SPLINE   Spline Sketch
Ellipse ELLIPSE   Ellipse Sketch
Ellipse Arc ELLIPSE   Partial Ellipse Sketch
Insert Block Block flyout   Tool_Insert_Block_Block.gif Insert Block Blocks. See Blocks Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Make Block BLOCK   Tool_Make_Block_Block.gif Make Block Blocks
Point POINT   Point Sketch
Always a construction element
Hatch BHATCH   Tool_Area_Hatch_Fill_Annotation.gif Area Hatch/Fill Annotations. See Annotations Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Automatic with Section Views
Region REGION   - - -
Each sketch is a separate collection of entities
Multiline Text MTEXT   Tool_Note_Annotation.gif Note Annotations