Standard Toolbar

SOLIDWORKS® software and AutoCAD® software use many of the same Standard toolbar tools. Some of the tools on AutoCAD software's Standard toolbar are equivalent to tools on the SOLIDWORKS View toolbar.

Tool Tooltip Command   Tool Tooltip Toolbar
New NEW   New Standard. See Standard Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Open OPEN   Open Standard
Save QSAVE   Save Standard
Save As for new documents
Plot PLOT   Print Standard
Plot Preview PREVIEW   Print Preview Standard
Cut to Clipboard CUTCLIP   Cut Standard
Copy to Clipboard COPYCLIP   Copy Standard
Paste from Clipboard PASTECLIP   Paste Standard
Match Properties MATCHPROP   - - -
Undo U   Undo Standard
List of possible Undo operations
Redo REDO   Redo Standard
List of possible Redo operations
Publish PUBLISH   Print 3D Standard
Pan Realtime PAN   Pan View. See View Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Zoom Realtime ZOOM   Zoom In/Out View
Zoom Window Zoom flyout   Zoom to Fit View
- - -   Zoom to Area View
- - -   Zoom to Selection View
Zoom Previous ZOOM P   Previous View View
Design Center ADCENTER   - - -
Design Library
Properties PROPERTIES   - - -
PropertyManagers and dialog boxes
Tool Palettes TOOLPALETTES   Apply scene Heads-up View
        Edit Appearance View
        - Materials Overview Standard
Help ? or HELP   Help Standard
Also available on Help menu