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The standard orthogonal views on the SOLIDWORKS® Standard Views toolbar are equivalent to AutoCAD® software's views. Rather than the compass-oriented isometric views, SOLIDWORKS uses Isometric, Trimetric, and Dimetric orientations. Normal To is a view perpendicular to any selected face or plane, equivalent to a plan view.

Tool Tooltip Command   Tool Tooltip Toolbar
Named Views VIEW   tool_View_Orientation_View.png View Orientation View. See View Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Both standard and custom views
Top View VIEW TOP   Top Standard Views. See Standard Views Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Similar to plan view
Bottom View VIEW BOTTOM   Bottom Standard Views
Left View VIEW LEFT   Left Standard Views
Right View VIEW RIGHT   Right Standard Views
Front View VIEW FRONT   Front Standard Views
Back View VIEW BACK   Back Standard Views
- - -   Normal To Standard Views
Normal to selected plane or face; plan view
SW Isometric View VIEW SWISO   - - -
No equivalent
SE Isometric View VIEW SEISO   Isometric Standard Views
Plus Trimetric, Dimetric orientations
NE Isometric View VIEW NEISO   - - -
No equivalent
NW Isometric View VIEW NWISO   - - -
No equivalent
Camera CAMERA   - - -
No equivalent