Modify Toolbar

In addition to specific tools on the Standard toolbar and Sketch toolbar, you can modify entities by dragging them or by editing properties in the entity's PropertyManager.

Tool Tooltip Command   Tool Tooltip Toolbar
Erase ERASE   tool_Delete_Standard.gif Delete Standard. See Standard Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Select object and press Delete
Copy Object COPY   Copy Entities Sketch. See Sketch Toolbar in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Mirror MIRROR   Mirror Entities Sketch
Offset OFFSET   Offset Entities Sketch
Array ARRAY   Linear Sketch Pattern Sketch
Linear patterns
- - -   Circular Sketch Pattern Sketch
Circular patterns
Move MOVE   Move Entities Sketch
Rotate ROTATE   Rotate Entities Sketch
Scale SCALE   Scale Entities Sketch
Stretch STRETCH   - - -
Drag entity
Trim TRIM   Trim Entities Sketch
Extend EXTEND   Extend Entities Sketch
Break at Point BREAK   Split Entities Sketch
Break BREAK   - - -
No equivalent
Chamfer CHAMFER   Sketch Chamfer Sketch
Also Chamfer feature tool
Fillet FILLET   Sketch Fillet Sketch
Also Fillet feature tool
Explode EXPLODE   Tool_Display_Delete_Dimensions_Relations.gif Display/Delete Relations Dimensions/Relations. See Dimensions/Relations Toolbar and Menus in the main SOLIDWORKS help.
Also Detach segment on drag