Open/Save As Card Dialog Box

Use the Open Card dialog box to list the available data cards based on card type and select the card to open. Use the Save As dialog box to save new or modified data cards.

To display the Open dialog box:

In the Card Editor, click Open (Main toolbar) or File > Open.

To display the Save As dialog box:

In the card editor, select File > Save As.

Look in Lets you search for cards.

For file, folder, and item cards, the default is All Folders, which lists all cards that are saved to folders in the vault.

To list cards saved to a specific folder, select the vault root and navigate in the folder. Cards in the folder display in the card list.

Card list Lists the cards in the Look in location.

The Card Name column shows the saved name of the card. The Extensions column shows the file types the card is linked to.

Click a header to sort the listing.

Card Name The name of the selected card.

You can select multiple cards to open them all at the same time.

Cards of Type Lets you select the type of data card to list.
Extensions The file extensions linked to the selected card.

Separate file extensions with semicolons and do not include periods. For example:


Right-click Management Options

Right-click a card to select an action:
Open Opens the card in the Card Editor.
Rename Lets you change the display name of the card.
Delete Deletes the card layout from the database.

You can also click Delete .

This does not delete the variable data stored for the card in the database.