Edit-box Properties

Use the Edit-box properties pane to specify how an edit box control can let users view and enter values stored in the vault database.

To display this pane:

In the Card Editor, click Edit (Controls toolbar), and click in the card to place the edit box.

Multi-variable Available for search cards only. Lets you select multiple variables from the existing variables defined in the vault. When you select this option:
  • And select variables, the edit box displays the variables separated by | in alphanumeric order.
    When you clear this option, the edit box retains only the first variable.
  • You cannot change the card type.

Validation, Default value, Default overwrites, and Excluded configurations are not available for a search card.

Included variable Lists the variables defined in the vault.


An edit box must be linked to a variable. The value entered in the variable is stored in the vault database.

Variable name Select from existing variables defined in the vault.
Variables Click to open the Edit Variables dialog box to create a new variable, or check the properties of an existing variable.


Depending on the variable type, validation restricts the length or values that can be entered in the edit box. For example, if the variable is Date, you specify a date range to be validated.

Check Min or Max and enter a value or range.


Read-only Makes the edit box read-only, so that values cannot be entered by the user.
Show in Explorer The variable and stored value of the edit box is shown in the client Preview tab.
Multiline Allows multiple text lines to be entered into the edit box. The text wraps automatically.
Updates all configurations All file card configuration tabs are updated by the value entered in the edit box.

Default Values (search cards only)

Lets you define the variable values. By default, SOLIDWORKS PDM considers the OR condition for the default values. The values can be the same or unique.
At run time, when you edit default values with Multi-variable selected, the default values in the single variable edit box (for example, in the Cards tab) are not updated automatically.

Default value

Select an option to automatically enter a default value in the edit box when new files or items are created. See Assigning Default Values.

Text value Enter a static text string to be used as the default value.
Special value Select a dynamic value to be used as the default value.
Current Time
File name
File name without extension
File path - Full path and file name to the selected file
Logged in user
Today's date - Current date
User (xx) - Full name, initials, or user data of logged in user.
Latest transition description
Serial number Select a serial number to be used as the default value.
Folder data card variable Select a folder data card variable whose value will be used as the default value.

For example, if you select the folder card variable Project and the folder data card has a value of P05, when a user adds a new file to the folder, the edit box has the default value P05.

File data card variable (Item cards only.) Select a file data card variable whose value will be used as the default value.

For example, if you select the file data card variable Project and a file has a value of P05, when a user creates a new item from the file, the edit box has the default value P05.

When creating items for configurations, values come from the referenced configuration, or if empty, the custom properties (@ tab). Therefore, if you want item card values to exactly match configuration values, ensure that all mapped configuration variables have values by defining those properties as required. Alternatively, do not use custom properties.

When creating items for CAD files (not specific configurations), values come from the custom properties.

Default overwrites Overwrites the existing variable value with the default value when users copy or add files or items.
Excluded Configurations Configurations from which to exclude default values.

Exclusion occurs when files are added to the vault or when the addition of a new configuration generates default values.

Type one configuration name per line.

You can use * as a wildcard. For example *magnet* excludes all configurations with "magnet" in the configuration name.

Configurations are not excluded if users manually generate values such as serial numbers.

Input formula

Specify an input formula to populate an edit box control with a string built up by values from variables linked to other controls on the data card.