Data Card Inheritance

The default data cards that are installed with SOLIDWORKS PDM are saved in the root of the vault. Their layouts are inherited by all subfolders.

However, if you save a new or modified data card to a subfolder, lower-level subfolders inherit the layout from the newly saved card. The following diagram shows how three different card layouts would be inherited in the vault.

Inheritance differs depending on data card type:

  • File cards: If you associate a new file card with the same file extensions as a default card, and save it to a subfolder, the layout of that card is used for all lower-level subfolders.
  • Folder cards: If you save a new folder card into a folder where another folder card is saved, the new folder card becomes active. To make a folder card that is not in use active, open the card and resave it.

    Folder cards differ from file data cards in that the information entered in fields on a folder card is always inherited to any underlying folders. This means that you can add information into every subfolder if you require to change the information. If so, the new information will be inherited into its subfolders.

    For example, a user logged into a vault through Windows File Explorer enters information in the Edit Values tab of a folder card. The subfolders of the vault inherit the information and displays it in the View Values tab.

  • Item cards: If you save an item card to a subfolder, the layout of that card is used for items in all lower-level subfolders. Item cards are available for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.