Saving a Modified Data Card to a Specific Folder

You can re-save a modified data card to a specific subfolder to change the appearance for any files or items stored under it.

The card layout is inherited by subfolders of the folder where you save the card; you do not have to resave the card to each folder.

If a user moves or copies a file or item from one folder to another folder, the file or item card layout in the target folder is used. Variable values stored for the file or item that match variables of the card in the target folder appear in the new layout. Default values (except serial numbers) are not re-generated; they are only updated when new files or items are added to the vault.

If you want different card layouts for the same file extension within a folder (for example, different fields for a .doc or .docx file if it is a fax, memo, or purchase order), create variable-controlled tabs on the card. See Controlled Tab Example 1 - Controlling Visibility of Tabs.

In this example, the default file card associated with Microsoft Office programs is modified and saved to a new directory.

To save the Office data card to a specific folder:

  1. Create the folder in the vault. For example, Projects.
  2. In the Card Editor, click Open or select File > Open .
  3. In the Open Card dialog box, scroll to the Office Card, select it, and click Open.
  4. Modify the card with new project-specific fields.
  5. Click Save or File > Save .
  6. Navigate to the new folder.
  7. Ensure the Office extensions are listed and the card type is File card.
  8. Click Save.
When users select a .doc or .docx file in the vault root folder, they see the layout of the original card. When they select a .doc or .docx file in the new folder, they see the modified layout.