Controlled Tab Example 1 - Controlling Visibility of Tabs

This example describes how to control which tab is visible by linking tabs to variables.

To control the visibility of tabs:

  1. Create a data card and link it to the extension .doc or .docx.
  2. Add a droplist control.
  3. In the Droplist properties pane:
    1. Under Value, select the variable Document Type.
    2. Under Items, select Free text and type the names of various types of documents. For example, Memo, Fax, Letter.
  4. Add a tab control.
  5. In the Tab properties pane:
    1. Under Tab names, leave the first line blank.
      This tab is visible when nothing is selected in the list control.
    2. Give the rest of the tabs the names of the list items.
      You can copy the names in the Free text field of the Droplist properties pane and paste them into the Tab names field of the Tab properties pane.
    3. Select Controlled by variable and select Document Type as the variable.
  6. Select a tab and add controls appropriate to the tab name. For example:
    Memo Multiline edit box
    Fax Fax number


    Letter Author




  7. Save the data card to a folder in the vault.
  8. To test the card, create a Microsoft Word document and select it.
  9. On the Data Card tab, select the document type to view the associated data card tab.