Conditional Notification Dialog Box

You can use the Conditional Notification dialog box to define conditional notifications for workflow transitions.

To display the Conditional Notification dialog box:

  1. Open the transition's Properties dialog box.
  2. In the Notifications tab, click Add Conditional Notification.

Notification Properties Tab

The Notification Properties tab displays the state fields of the transition. These fields are read-only.

Source state Displays the initial state of the folder.
Destination state Displays the final state of the folder after transition.
State change Displays the transition used to trigger the state change.

Recipients Tab

Use the Recipients tab to define which users and groups receive notification when the condition is met.

Add Users/Groups Opens the Add Users/Groups dialog box. You can select users and groups to receive the notification.
Add Variable Opens the Add Variable dialog box. You can select variables to use their values as notification recipients.
The value of selected variable is taken from the data card and is compared with the full name, login name, or group name value in the database vault.
You can filter the list to include only variables whose values contain the filter string.
Remove Removes selected recipients.

Notification Conditions Tab

Use the Notification Conditions tab to create the conditions for users to receive automatic notifications.

The conditional notifications apply on the vault root and all folders by default. To define them for specific file types or file name, you need to define the file path-based conditions.

Lists the conditions and variables. You can select a variable or one of the following:


Creates an OR container. By default, all conditions must be true (AND). Use OR containers to group conditions where only one condition must be true.


Compares the category of the file with the Value.


Compares the file name, extension, or path with the input Value.

The file path replaces " *.* " in the folder path with the input Value.

Object type

Compares the object type (BOM, File, or Item) with the Value.


Compares the revision number of files with the Value.


Compares the name of the user who runs the transition with the Value.


Compares the group of the user who runs the transition with the Value.


Removes the selected condition or variable.


Lists the comparison operators for each condition.

Expand the list to choose a text, numeric, or date comparison operator.

For example:

Text Does Not Contain Date Not Equal To
Number Less Than Yes or No Equal To
The comparison operators that are available depend on the variable type selected.
Value Lets you enter the value to compare with the value of the variable.

Specifies the data card Configuration tab to search for the value.

This option is available only when the condition is a variable.

Leave Configuration blank to search for all configurations.