Defining Conditional Notifications

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, you can define conditional notifications for transitions.

With the Add Conditional Notification option, you can:
  • Add predefined conditions to send transition notifications to users and groups.
  • Send notifications dynamically to users based on the value of data card variables.

To define conditional notifications:

  1. In the Administration tool, click a workflow transition.
  2. In the transition's Properties dialog box, in the Notifications tab, click Add Conditional Notification.
  3. In the Conditional Notification dialog box, in the Recipients tab:
    1. Click Add Users/Groups.
    2. In the Add Users/Groups dialog box, select the users or groups to receive the notification, and click OK.
    3. Click Add Variable to select variables to use their values as notification recipients.
    4. In the Add Variable dialog box, select the variables, and click OK.
  4. In the Notification Conditions tab:
    1. Select <Click here to add a condition>.
    2. In the conditions list, select a variable or a condition.
    3. Under Comparison, expand the list and select a comparison operator.
      The list of operators depends on the selection you made in the previous step.
    4. Under Value, enter the value to compare with the variable value.
      If you selected User or Group as Variable, select the value from the list.
    5. If you selected a variable as the condition, specify the data card configuration to search for the variable.
      If you want to search for all configurations, leave Configuration blank.
  5. Click OK twice and save the workflow.