Creating Delayed in State Notifications from the Workflow Editor

You can use the workflow editor in the Administration tool to create Delayed in State notifications for folders.

  1. In the Administration tool, expand Workflows and double-click a workflow to open it in the workflow editor.
  2. Click a state to open its State Properties dialog box.
  3. On the Notifications tab, click Add Folder Notification.
  4. In the Select Folder dialog box, select the folder for which you want to make the notification and click OK.
  5. In the Folder Notification dialog box:
    1. For Type, select Delayed in State.
    2. For Trigger after, specify the number of days the folder can remain in the state before the notification is triggered.
    3. For Resend every, specify a resend interval.
  6. On the Recipients tab, click Add Recipients.
  7. In the Add recipients dialog box, select the users or groups to receive the notification and click OK.
    You can type a substring in the Filter field to hide recipients whose names do not contain the substring.
  8. Click OK to complete the notification and close the State Properties dialog box.
  9. Click Save to save the change to the workflow.
When the notification is triggered, the recipients you specified receive a message in their Inbox for each file in the folder that meets the delayed in state requirements. These notifications contain links to the files.