Configuring the Default Value in Search Card

You can configure the default value in search card to define the default search variable.

To configure the default value in search card:

  1. In the Administration tool, expand Cards > Search Cards and double-click a search card.
  2. In Card Properties, click Default Values.
  3. In the dialog box, select a variable and enter a value.
    If you select a variable such as Checked Out by User, Label - by User, Version Created by User, Workflow - Transitions by User, Author, enter the value as %user%.
  4. Click OK and save the changes to the Card Editor.
    In the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, when you run the Search tool, the logged-in user name appears as the default search value. For example, in step 3, if you select Checked Out by User, the logged-in user name appears on the Checked in/out tab in the Search tool.

    In the Administration tool, in the Settings - Admin dialog box, if you select Show full user names and if the full name is available, it appears in the Search tool.