Supported BOM Types in SOLIDWORKS PDM

SOLIDWORKS PDM supports these types of BOMs:
BOM Type Description
Computed BOM Computed BOMs are automatically calculated from the SOLIDWORKS components contained in an assembly or drawing. A computed BOM changes when the assembly or drawing changes. Users cannot check out a computed BOM or make changes to it
SOLIDWORKS BOM from an assembly or drawing When a SOLIDWORKS assembly or drawing contains its own BOM, the content of that BOM can be displayed on the Bill of Materials tab. Users can save the SOLIDWORKS BOM as a named BOM.
Named BOM (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) To capture an instance of a computed BOM (including item BOMs) or SOLIDWORKS BOM, users can save it as a named BOM. Users can check out and modify named BOMs. If the assembly, drawing, or item on which the named BOM is based changes, you can update the named BOM to include the changes.
Weldment BOM and Weldment Cutlist When a SOLIDWORKS multibody part contains a weldment list or a weldment cut list, the contents of these lists can be displayed on the Bill of Materials tab. These BOMs cannot be saved as named BOMs.
Item BOM (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Items can link to other items to form an item structure. Item BOMs are computed BOMs that show item structure. Users can save item BOMs as named BOMs.