Creating Bill of Materials Templates(For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

Create new Bill of Materials column configurations to provide different BOM layouts.

You can also modify the default BOMs that ship with SOLIDWORKS PDM.

To create a new Bill of Materials template:

  1. Log in to the Administration tool as a user with permission to update columns.
  2. Right-click Bills of Materials and click New Bill of Materials.
  3. In the Bill of Materials dialog box, type the Bill of materials name.
  4. Select the template Type.
  5. Under Columns, click New Column.
  6. Under Selected column:
    1. Select the data card or system Variable whose value should be displayed in the column.
      The default variable name you selected appears in the Name field.
    2. If you want a different name to appear to users, modify Name.
    3. Specify the Alignment of the column value and the Default width of the column.
      You can modify the default width by moving the column dividers in the Preview.
    4. For data card variables (not system variables), select how configurations should be searched to locate the variable, or define a link attribute by selecting Look for variable in reference specific values.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add more columns.
    The following columns are required:
    Weldment BOM Description

    <Reference Count>

    Weldment cut list Description

    BOM Quantity

    Reference Count (BOM Quantity disregarded)

  8. Use the Preview field to see how the columns will be displayed in SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer or Item Explorer.
  9. Under Users and Groups, select the users and groups to have access to the BOM template and assign Rights.
  10. Click OK.