Power Modify Tool

Power Modify is a pen sketch mode that uses pen gestures to modify sketch geometry. Power Modify adds pink strokes that indicate where you want modifications such as adding fillets or trimming to take place.

You can only use the Power Modify tool with a touch device. On the touch device, you can use the tool with pen sketch mode, your finger, or a mouse.

Click or touch Power Modify (Sketch Ink toolbar).

Power Modify Modifies the sketch geometry when you use ink strokes as gestures to trim, extend, split, offset, and add fillets and chamfers to sketch geometry.
After using Power Modify, you can further update the sketch geometry by using the following tools on the context toolbar:
Edit Power Modify Undoes the last Power Modify stroke.
Convert to sketch chamfer Converts lines into chamfers.
Convert to sketch fillet Converts arcs into fillets.
Convert to sketch extend Extends lines or arcs up to the nearest sketch entity.
You can use the Power Modify ink strokes to do the following:
  • Add fillets by drawing an arc that intersects sketch geometry.

    When you add multiple fillets quickly, the software converts all the pink strokes into fillets at the same time. The software considers them as consecutive fillets with the same radius and creates an automatic relation with the first fillet in the series.

  • Add chamfers by drawing a line that intersects sketch geometry.

  • Power trim sketch entities by drawing a scribble gesture on sketch geometry.

  • Extend sketch entities along their natural paths by drawing a line or arc that partially overlaps the sketch geometry to which you want to extend.

  • Split sketch entities by drawing two intersecting lines or arcs on sketch geometry.

  • Offset sketch entities by drawing two parallel lines that intersect sketch geometry. You can offset the following sketch geometries:
    • Multiple lines, arcs, or splines
    • Multiple shaded sketch contours