Searching in Multiple Variables

You can search for a value in multiple selected variables using the Edit-box control in a search card.

In the File Explorer, when you search for a value, SOLIDWORKS PDM considers OR as the implicit operator, and returns a match if it exists in any variable value.

To specify a multiple-variable edit-box control on the search card:

In the Card Editor, click Edit (Controls toolbar), and click in the card to place the edit box.

Multi-variable Lets you select multiple variables from the existing variables defined in the vault.
When you select the variables, the edit box displays the variables separated by | in alphanumeric order.
Default Values Lets you define the variable values.
By default, SOLIDWORKS PDM considers the OR condition for the default values. The values can be the same or unique.
At run time, when you edit default values with Multi-variable selected, the default values in the single variable edit box (for example, in the Cards tab) are not updated automatically.