Creating Markups for Drawings

You can add markups to drawings on touch and nontouch devices.

All markups show under Markups in the FeatureManager® design tree.

These options are available for an active sheet when you right-click Markup in the FeatureManager design tree:
Edit Markup  
Orient Zooms to the markup.
Export Markup Exports markups as one of the following file types: .pdf, .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .tif.

For more information on markup changes, see Markups.

To create markups in drawings:

  1. On a nontouch device, open a drawing, and click the Markup tab in the CommandManager.

    If the Markup tab is not available, right-click in the CommandManager and click Tabs > Markup.

  2. Click Markup on the Markup tab.

    In the FeatureManager design tree, a new markup shows under Markups .

  3. Click Draw (Markup toolbar) to add markup content using the mouse.
  4. Click Exit Markup to save the markup.
  5. To export the markup, right-click Markup and click Export Markup .
  6. In the dialog box, click Save.