Testing a Setup for a Push Deployment

The Deploy Automatically tab in the Administrative Image Option Editor contains a test feature.

You can run a mock installation that exercises the systems used for the deployment, such as:
  • Connecting to the target computer.
  • Creating an install task on that computer.
  • Completing the install task on that computer.
  • Updating the status and logs on the administrative image.
  • Detecting a program to run before or after the installation.

The test checks for file paths, validates permissions, and reports that the installation ended successfully. It does not install any software or modify the registry on the target system. If any one of the systems fails on any of the target computers, the test indicates which system failed.

Tooltips provide more information about failures. You can export the results to an .xml spreadsheet (or .csv), which is helpful for reviewing multiple failures or sharing results with other support personnel.

To test a setup for a push deployment:

  1. Using the Installation Manager, create an Administrative image.
  2. Start the Administrative Image Option Editor.

    You can start the option after the Installation Manager completes creating the administrative image or double-click sldAdminOptionEditor.exe in the administrative image folder.

  3. On the Setup tab, add one or more computers.
  4. Click Deploy Automatically:
    1. Supply a domain administrator's username and password.
    2. Select one or more computers to test.
    3. Click Test.
  5. When the Setup Test appears, click Run Test.
  6. Allow several minutes for the test to complete or click Cancel Test at any time.
  7. Review and correct any setup problems.