For solids this restraint type sets all translational degrees of freedom to zero. For shells and beams, it sets the translational and the rotational degrees of freedom to zero. For truss joints, it sets the translational degrees of freedom to zero. When using this restraint type, no reference geometry is needed.

The following table summarizes the attributes and input needed for this restraint:

Attribute Value
DOFs restrained for solid meshes 3 translations
DOFs restrained for shells and beams 3 translations and 3 rotations
DOFs restrained for truss joints 3 translations
3D symbol (the arrows are for translations and the discs are for rotations)
Selectable entities Vertices, edges, faces and beam joints
Selectable reference entity N/A
Translations N/A
Rotations N/A


The shown vertex of the wedge representing a pressure vessel meshed with solid elements is fixed.
The edges of the holes of the shell are fixed.
If the handle is analyzed as a part, the two highlighted faces can be fixed in space.

Video: Shell Restrained with Fixed Restraint