On Spherical Faces

You can use this option only when all the selected faces are spherical. Each face can have a different center. The radial, longitude, and latitude directions for each face are based on its own center.

Attribute Value
Possible DOFs for solid meshes 3 translations
Possible DOFs for shell meshes 3 translations and 3 rotations
Possible DOFs for trusses 3 translations
3D symbol
translation rotation
Selectable entities Spherical faces only




Rotations (for shells only)

About radial direction

About longitude direction

About latitude direction

The radial, longitude, and latitude directions of a spherical face are illustrated in the figure. Use Show preview to identify the latitude and longitude directions.


The spherical face of the reflector part shown in the figure can only rotate in the latitude direction. Setting the translations in the other two directions: radial and longitude to zero enforces this condition.
  • Restrained radial translation ( =0 )
  • Restrained longitude translation ( = 0 )
  • Free latitude direction