Applying a Prescribed Displacement

To apply a prescribed displacement to a geometric entity:

  1. Right-click External Loads and click Prescribed Displacement .
  2. In the Fixture PropertyManager, select one of the following:
    • Use Reference Geometry
    • On Flat Faces
    • On Cylindrical Faces
    • On Spherical Faces
  3. Select the geometric entities to apply prescribed displacement.
  4. If you select Use Reference Geometry, select a valid entity for direction.
  5. Under Translations, enter the displacement distance or angle of rotation (for cylindrical or spherical faces).
  6. Click .
    For nonlinear studies, the time variation of a prescribed displacement is defined in the Time curve dialog box. Enter a value other than 0 (and less that 1E8) in the Y column cell. This value is a multiplier to the numerical value you enter for Translations. To release a prescribed displacement at a specific time step in a nonlinear study, click the down arrow in the Y column cell and select Off. If you enter a 0 value in the Y column cell at a particular time step, the selected dofs are considered fixed.