Version Tab

The Version tab lists information about the file in your local vault including the version and state.

A warning is displayed if you do not have the latest version of the file on your local hard drive.
Version tab information lists a file's:
Local version The version of the file in the local cache.
Latest version The most recent version of the file in the vault.
Local revision Revision level of the file in the local cache.
Local state File's state in the workflow.
Category (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) If categories are defined, the category the file belongs to.
Workflow Workflow the file is assigned to.
Replicated to (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) If the file is replicated to specific servers, the servers are identified.

Icons on the Version tab let you see a file's status at a glance. These icons appear whether the Version Number column is enabled or not.

When you select a file, the same quick information icons that are used in the Version Number column show the file's status.

The icon appears when you:
  • Do not select a file
  • Select a folder
  • Select multiple files