Importing Specification Data from a .CSV File

If you have specifications in .csv format, you can import the data into the Specifications tab in the Table Manager.

You must properly format data in a .csv file to ensure it is added to the correct fields in the Specifications tab. SOLIDWORKS Inspection has a sample template (Specifications-All Fields Example.csv) you can use to format data so it imports accurately.

The template includes all of the specification data (Type, Name, Specification Number Code, Supplier Code, Customer Approval Verification, and Certificate Number). It includes a header row listing the field labels. You must delete the row with the field labels after import.

To import specification data from a .csv file:

  1. Open a specification template.
  2. Enter data from the electronic specification into the template.
    The data must match the field order in the template.
  3. Save the template as a .csv file.
  4. In the Table Manager, on the Specifications tab, click Import from CSV file .
  5. In the dialog box, select the template and click Open.
    The data appears in the Specifications tab.