Display Functions

SOLIDWORKS has familiar zoom and pan functions, plus additional display tools, on the View toolbar or the Heads-up View toolbar.

In addition to Zoom to Selection, Zoom to Fit, and Rotate View, SOLIDWORKS has tools to display models in wireframe, hidden lines visible, hidden lines removed, shaded, edges in shaded mode, and shadows in shaded mode. Models can be displayed in shaded mode in drawings as well as in part and assembly documents. Section views of the model (not drawing section views), perspective view, and shadows are also available on the View toolbar.

See View Types in the main SOLIDWORKS Help.

Tool_Hidden_Lines_Visible_View.png Hidden Lines Visible
Tool_Hidden_Lines_Removed_View.png Hidden Lines Removed
Tool_Shaded_View.png Shaded
Tool_Shaded_With_Edges_View.png Shaded With Edges
tool_Section_View.png Section View
Tool_Shadows_in_Shaded_Mode_View.png Shadows In Shaded Mode