Background Color

SOLIDWORKS uses a blue gradient background in its graphics area. Although you can change the background color in SOLIDWORKS, you will find that blue works best with shaded models and the various colors that indicate status.

You can also drag scenes onto models from the Task Pane's Appearances tab , under Scenes, to change the background color and model look. You can also click Apply Scene from the Heads-up View toolbar and select a scene.

In a sketch, light blue indicates entities that are selected. Blue shows entities that are not fully defined. Black entities are fully defined. The sketch origin appears in red. Other status colors are yellow, pink, and gray.

Colors in a shaded view show to advantage on a blue gradient background.

Drawing sheets are the color of Mylar. You can display drawing views in various shaded and line modes.

To specify different colors, click Tools > Options > System Options > Colors. Some of the items for which you can specify color include:
  • Viewport Background
  • Top Gradient Color
  • Bottom Gradient Color
  • Drawings, Paper Color
  • Drawings, Background
  • Grid Lines, Major
  • Annotations, Imported