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Print Management

Menu: Electrical project > Print

Dockable panel > Contextual menu of electrical project: Print

Dockable panel > Contextual menu of book: Print


When you run this command from the contextual menu of the book, only the drawings of that book are selected for printing.


An option dialog box opens asking you if you want to update the report and terminal strip drawings (according to the electrical project configuration settings).

Update drawings: All the reports, design rules, and terminal strip drawings are updated before running the command.

Continue action without updating: Report, design rule and terminal strip drawings are not updated and the command runs.

Cancel: The command stops and drawings are not updated.



Print settings can be saved to a configuration file for future use. You can create as many configuration files as you like.


Print preview: Opens a print preview window for the selected drawing.

Remove from selection: Removes the selected drawings from the selection.

Print several configurations: Prints drawings using several different configurations.

List mode: Displays a list of drawings.

Thumbnail mode: Displays thumbnail previews for the drawings.

Configuration: Manages display settings for items in the dialog box.

Drawing style: Allows you to change the settings of texts and color objects. If you did not affect a Drawing style configuration file to the electrical project, a message informs you.

Print configuration

Allows you to select a previously created print configuration file to load preferred print settings. Click [...] to access the Print configuration management.

Page settings

Name: Select the printer you want to use. Click the Properties button if you want to access to the Windows printer parameters.

Paper format: In the list, select the pre-defined paper format managed by the printer.

Source: In the list, select the paper source to use.


Portrait/Landscape: Select the page orientation.

Plot with symmetry: Check the box if you want to print the graphical entities with symmetry.


All/Selection: Allows you to define if you want to print all the drawings of the electrical project or a selection. In this case, click [...] to select the drawings.

Invert print order: Check this option to print the drawings from the last to first.


In the list, select a pre-defined scale ratio or enter a specific ratio (Unit printed = Drawing unit).

When you select a predefined ratio, two fields display the printed and drawing units. The setting Fit to format scales the graphical entities to fit into the selected paper size.


Number of copies: Defines the number of copies to be printed.

Collate: This option, available if you select more than one copy, allows you to assemble the printed drawings.

Plot area

Defines the drawing area to print.

All geometry: Area defined by the bounding box of all visible entities.

Drawing boundary: Area defined by the grid zone in drawing parameters.

Current view: Area visible on the screen or the current view when drawing is saved.

Plot with style

Each screen color used on the graphical entities corresponds to a color and a thickness on the paper. If you do not use a Plot style table, the screen colors and line thickness will be the same on the paper.

You can define a personal correspondence using plot style tables.

In the list, select the plot style table you want to use.

You can edit the plot style table selected by clicking Modify plot style table file. A dialog box opens in which you can associate each screen color with a printed color and thickness.

In the plot style table list, if you select None, you can check the box Plot with line thickness, where the colors and line thicknesses will be the same on the screen and on the paper.



If you have several different configurations for printing drawings, select the configuration file from the list. Next, select the drawings to print with this configuration. Repeat this operation as needed with other configuration files. Click the Print several configurations icon and check the configurations you want to print with.

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