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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D - Exercise #01

To do this exercise and the others, you have to download a electrical project containing all the required environment. After the download, unarchive the electrical project.

Click this link to download the electrical project.

The goal of this exercise is to update a 3D assembly, to be compatible with the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D process (cabinet layout and routing). A wizard helps you to manage the connection points (to connect the cables or the wires), to define the faces and to assign the mate reference to insert it on a rail.


It is based on the 3D part lc1d1210b7_ew.SLDPRT stored in the Project folder (...\SOLIDWORKS Electrical\Projects\XX\SolidWorks - XX must be replaced by the electrical project ID which you can find in the Electrical project management.)


Defining the faces and the mates

Creating the connection points

Defining the faces and the rail mates

1. The first step is to open the lc1d1210b7_ew.SLDPRT file.

2. Launch the Electrical Component Wizard.


Menu: Tools > SOLIDWOKS Electrical > Electrical Component Wizard


3. Select the Mate Reference section.

4. To define the different faces of the 3D part, click the Define faces button. This allows you to set the component alignment.

5. Minimize the wizard to access the graphical area.

5. For each selection zone, click the corresponding face of the component.

6. After defining the four faces, click on the green checkmark to validate.

7. In the wizard, select the Reference Name option (For Rail) and click the Add button to define the mate reference.

8. Select the top face in reference with the rail.



9. Select the front face in reference with the rail.



10. Click on the green checkmark to validate.


Creating the connection points

1. In the wizard, select the Routing Functionality Points section.

To create the connection points for a 3D part, it is better to use the definition of a manufacturer part which can be assigned to this 3D part.


2. Select the Point Type option (CPoint from manufacturer part) and click the Add button.

3. In the dockable panel, click the Select manufacturer part button.

4. In the Manufacturer part search dialog box, search for the lc1d1210b7 manufacturer part from Schneider Electric in the Contactor relays class.

5. In the dockable panel, select the Terminal / Circuit and click the corresponding component terminal in the graphical area.



6. Validate each connection point by clicking on the green checkmark.

7. Close the wizard and save the file in the SOLIDWORKS folder of the electrical project.


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