Database Server

The SOLIDWORKS PDM database server polls SOLIDWORKS PDM databases for new automated messages and schedule changes, and updates central SQL lists.

The server software can be installed on the SQL server machine that hosts the SOLIDWORKS PDM vaults or on another server that connects to the SQL server.

The database server supports the following SOLIDWORKS PDM operations:

Automatic notifications Workflow and other automatic notifications, such as change state, check out, check in, add, and deadline.
View updates Automatic updates (refresh) of listings in file vault views and add-ins
Card list updates (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Periodic updates of card lists that use SQL queries for their content
Cold store scheduling Updates of archive servers with changes made to cold store schedules
Replication scheduling (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Updates of archive servers with changes made to replication schedules
Index server administration (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Administration of the indexing service for content searches
Data import/export (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Execution of data import and export rules at predefined intervals.