Indexing the Vault (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

When you index a vault archive, the search tool can use the content search option to search a document’s contents or properties.

For example, you can search for all documents containing the word “product,” or you can search for all Microsoft Office documents written by a specific author.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional content search uses the Microsoft Indexing Service or Windows Search Service to create a catalog for each indexed file vault. The catalog contains index information and stored properties for all versions of all documents in the file vault archive folders.

The Indexing Service periodically scans the vault archive folders and extracts the content using filter components. Microsoft Indexing Service supplies filters for Microsoft Office files, HTML files, MIME messages, and plain-text files. You can install other document filters for content search in, for example, PDF files.

The indexing process creates a catalog with a master index that stores words and their locations within a set of indexed documents. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional content search queries the catalogs for word combinations using the master index as well as word lists and shadow indexes to execute content searches.