The Tasks feature in the Administration tool lets you configure, run, and monitor tasks that you perform frequently on SOLIDWORKS PDM files.

Tasks are defined by add-ins created using the SOLIDWORKS PDM APIs.


  • The SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in, which enables Convert, Design Checker, and Print tasks for use with SOLIDWORKS files
  • An API that lets programmers write their own add-ins for customized tasks

All tasks use the task framework, which provides multiple ways to execute tasks: on demand, based on a schedule, or triggered by SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow. You can configure the tasks to run on a specific computer or distribute them to both client computers and dedicated servers.

In the following illustration:

  • Task List represents tasks that are waiting to be executed.
  • Task Hosts are the computers that are configured to execute the tasks.

    A task host can be a SOLIDWORKS PDM client computer used for daily work or a dedicated workstation or server.