Add Trend Tracker Iterations

By default, the software adds one iteration when you run a study. You can also choose iterations to add manually.

To manually add iterations:

  1. Enable Trend Tracker and set a baseline.
  2. Right-click Trend Tracker and select Manually add iterations.
  3. Modify the model and run studies as desired until you have the results you want to track.
  4. Right-click Trend Tracker and select Add Iteration.

    To resume automatic adding of iterations, right-click Trend Tracker and select Automatically add iterations.

    You can add iterations without saving backup copies of the part or assembly. Click Simulation > Options . On the Default Options tab, select Results and clear Backup models for Restore to Iteration under Trend Tracker. When this option is cleared, the software adds information to the gallery, Trend Journal, and graphs, but does not save a backup file.