Restoring Trend Tracker Iterations

Using Trend Tracker, you can restore the model to an earlier iteration. When you restore an iteration, two events occur:

  • The Trend Tracker items in the tree rollback to the selected iteration. The journal, gallery, and graphs display results only up to the restored iteration.
  • The model opens in the restored state. This occurs only if saved backups exist (see notes below for more information.) Iterations are saved in resultsfolder\Trend Files.

To restore the model to an iteration:

  1. Right-click Trend Tracker and select Restore Model to Iteration.
  2. Select an iteration from the list and click OK.

You have the option to not save backup files.

Disabling the Saving of Iterations

To disable saving of iterations:

  1. Click Simulation > Options.
  2. On the Default Options tab, click Results.
  3. Clear Backup models for Restore to Iteration under Trend Tracker.
  4. Click OK.