Private State Files (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

Private State files are files that other users have added to the vault, but have not yet checked in.

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault, if your administrator has given you permission, you can see files that are in the private state. The details of the file appear in italics in the Windows File Explorer file view and search results. You cannot perform any actions on private state files.

For a file in the private state:

  • In file view or search results:
    • The Checked Out By column displays the file owner
    • The Version Number column displays that represents a file that is not in the vault
  • The Preview, Data card, Version, Bill of Materials, Contains, and Where Used tabs display the message, This information is not available because the file has never been checked in.
    In SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault, only the administrator can see files in private state.