File Links

Items can link to any number of files, such as CAD models, drawings, Microsoft® Office documents, and manufacturing specifications.

When creating a file link, you can optionally define the link so that the system automatically updates items when files change.

Auto Update Enabled

The system automatically creates a new item version when a new version of the linked file is created. Use an auto-update link when you want the item to automatically reflect changes in the file, such as attribute and structure changes. A file can auto update any number of items, but an item can be auto updated by only one file.

The main pane displays files with auto-update links in bold and shows the file name in the File column for the item.

Auto Update Disabled

The system does not create a new item version when the file changes. Disable auto update when you want an item to refer to a specific file version and not the latest version. The system always creates links to CAD drawing files with auto update disabled.

File links always point to the latest version of the file at the time you create the link, not the local version. You cannot create links to older versions.