Adding File Links

You can link an item to any number of files.

  1. Optional: Check out the parent item.

    Item Explorer automatically checks out the item if required.

  2. Right-click the item and select Link Files to Item.
  3. In the Link Files to Item dialog box:
    1. Select one or more files from the vault.
      Choose All Files (*.*) from Files of type to select non-CAD files.
    2. Click Open.
  4. In the Link Files to Item dialog box:
    1. If you have files with references (such as assemblies with parts), select what Version of references to use: Referenced version or
      Latest version.
    2. If you have files with configurations, click Generate for configurations to show or hide configurations in the list.

      You can link to specific file configurations or to the file independent of configurations.

    3. Ensure that Add Link is selected for files you want to link to.
    4. Select Auto Update to enable automatic item updates when the linked file changes.
  5. Click OK.

    The linked files appear under the item in the main pane, in bold for auto-update links.

  6. Check in the parent item.
You can also create file links by dragging one or more files from SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer onto an item in Item Explorer.