Named BOMs

You can save computed BOMs, including item BOMs and SOLIDWORKS BOMs, as named BOMs. Create named BOMs to take a snapshot of the BOM for an assembly, drawing, or item.

You can check in and check out named BOMs, modify values, and add items to the BOM. For example, you could add glue to a named BOM even though you do not include glue in the original SOLIDWORKS assembly.

A named BOM has the same column configuration as the BOM from which it is derived. A named BOM is treated as a standalone document. If you update the assembly, assembly BOM table, or item, you need to update the named BOM to reflect the changes.

You can use named BOMs to save a specific configuration or layout for an assembly, or to save a BOM in a particular format.

You can use a named BOM in your enterprise workflow. For example, your SOLIDWORKS PDM administrator can set up the workflow to route a BOM through a lifecycle process as it is viewed and approved by different members of your product team.

Item named BOMs are displayed in the Item Explorer main pane as children of their associated items. Other named BOMs are visible only in the Bill of Materials view.