Item BOMs

Item BOMs are computed BOMs that shows item structure.

Item BOMs are recalculated each time you view them. If you check in a changed item or select a different item version, the item BOM is updated when you view it. Item BOMs are displayed on the Bill of Materials tab.

You can check out items in a computed BOM and modify data values for these items.

You cannot:
  • Check in or check out item BOMs.
  • Use computed BOMs in a workflow.

Modifying Item BOMs

You can change some BOM values, such as BOM quantities to account for spare parts, on the Bill of Materials tab.

  1. Check out the item.
  2. Select the item and click the Bill of Materials tab.
  3. Modify values as needed, such as Quantity.

    White columns contain values you can edit. Gray columns are read-only.

    To restore a calculated value, right-click the value and select Use Computed Quantity, or delete the value and press Enter.
  4. Click Save BOM > Save .
  5. Check in the item.
As Built toggles between original and modified values.

Saving Item BOMs as CSV

You can save an item BOM as a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

  1. Select the item and click the Bill of Materials tab.
  2. Click Save BOM > Save as CSV-file .
  3. In the Save As dialog box, select the destination folder from Save in.
  4. Type a File name.
  5. Click Save.
    Your PDM administrator can also configure workflows to export item BOMs to XML. Contact your administrator for details.