Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials tab shows the item BOM, which corresponds to the item structure, and named BOMs for the selected item.

See Bills of Materials for details. The image below shows the Bill of Materials tab for an item. You can also view other BOM types from the Bill of Materials tab; see SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer Help.

The list is generated from the vault database and does not reflect local changes that are not checked in.



Bill of Materials (BOM) flyout Select an item BOM template (Item BOM by default) or named BOM. The template defines the BOM columns. BOM templates are managed from the Administration tool.
BOM View flyout Selects how the BOM contents are displayed:
  • Indented displays all items in a hierarchical view.
  • Parts Only displays only items without child items in a flat view. Quantities for items referenced by more than one parent item are accumulated.
  • Top Level Only displays only top-level items.
Tree View flyout Not supported for item BOMs.

For computed BOMs, toggles display of the BOM tree pane.


BOM_UI_Not_Activated_control Activation Controls whether the BOM is visible in the Bill of Materials view.
BOM_UI_Show_selected_control Selected File Shows or hides the selected top-level file in the BOM file list.
BOM_UI_As_Built_control Reference Version Indicates whether the versions of components that are displayed are the versions when the assembly was built or the latest versions of the components.


Source file (Read-only) For Item BOMs, the item ID.

For computed BOMs, the assembly or drawing file name.

File Version For item BOMs, selects the item version for which to display the BOM. For named BOMs, displays the version of the associated item.
In named BOMS, if the Update Source Version icon at the end of the text field appears as , a more recent version of the source item exists and you can update the named BOM data to match it. If it appears as , the named BOM is based on the latest version of the item.

For computed BOMs, lets you select the source file version for which to display the BOM.

Configuration Not supported for item BOMs.

For computed BOMs, lets you select the source file configuration for which to display the BOM.


Save flyout Select one of the following:
  • Save - Saves the BOM.
  • Save as CSV-file - Creates a comma-separated values (CSV) file.
  • Save as BOM - Creates a named BOM.
BOM_UI_Open_as_CSV_file Open As CSV Opens the BOM as a CSV file in Excel.
Search Searches the BOM for a text string.
Compare Changes the Bill of Materials tab layout so that you can select a second BOM to compare.
BOM_UI_Switch_View Switch View Not supported for item BOMs.

Available when the folder contains activated or named BOMs.

Lets you switch to BOM View, where the upper section of the right pane lists named and activated BOMs in the folder.

Filter Named BOMs only.

Opens the Filter dialog box, where you can specify the BOM content to display.

Position Numbers Named BOMs only.

Opens the Position Numbers dialog box.

Check Out Named BOMs only.

Checks out the named BOM.

Check In Named BOMs only.

Checks in the named BOM.

Help Access context-sensitive help.

Shortcut Menus

Right-click in the BOM list to select a file and display the following commands.

Browse to in a New Window Opens a new Explorer window with the file you select as the selected file in the top pane of the new window.
Change Thumbnail Preview Size Changes the size of thumbnail previews as Small, Medium, or Large. By default, Medium is selected.
When you select the size in one table, SOLIDWORKS PDM sets the same size in applicable tables and on tabs. The thumbnail previews for non-SOLIDWORKS files may not be clear when you select Medium or Large.

BOM List

The columns shown depend on the BOM template you selected. Your administrator can configure what columns are displayed and what templates are defined.