The Preview tab displays data card properties, version information, and a preview image (files only).

Preview Image

The left side of the Preview tab shows a preview image of the selected file. Items do not have preview images.

The viewer used to display the image depends on the file type. For example, eDrawings is used to preview SOLIDWORKS files. Right-click the preview image to access commands supported by the viewer. For example, for a SOLIDWORKS assembly, right-click and select View > Zoom In/Out.

Data Card and Version Information

Fields beginning with are data card variables that you can modify from the Data Card tab. Fields beginning with contain version, state, and workflow information about the current item or file.

  • To display the Properties dialog box for the item or file, right-click a field and select Edit Variable.
  • To toggle the display of version, state, and workflow information, right-click a field and select Show local version number.