Fillet PropertyManager

You can use the Fillet PropertyManager to control options for fillet features. The PropertyManager displays the appropriate options based on the type of fillet you create. The PropertyManager remembers its last used state.

To open the Fillet PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Create a new fillet. Click Fillet (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Fillet/Round.
  • Select an existing fillet.
Two PropertyManager options are available:
  • Manual. You maintain control at the feature level.
  • FilletXpert (Symmetric constant radius fillets only). The SOLIDWORKS software manages the structure of the underlying features.
When you edit a fillet using Edit Feature, the Fillet PropertyManager appears without these options.

Select a Fillet Type, then set the other PropertyManager options:

Some fields that accept numeric input allow you to create an equation by entering = (equal sign) and selecting global variables, functions, and file properties from a list. See Direct Input of Equations in PropertyManagers.