Comments Enhancements

Comments are enhanced to improve usability.

  • You can choose different background colors and add bold , italics , and underline to text.
  • Click Options in the Background Colors tab to open the Tools > Options > Document Properties > Model Display dialog box where you can specify the Comment background colors. You can customize the names or reset all names back to the default. You cannot customize the colors.

  • Select Show at start in various places to show the comments in the View All Comments dialog box when you reopen the file.
  • In the View All Comments dialog box, in the Show at start column, you can select the comments to show when you open the file. In the Show menu, you can specify the comments to show at the start or based on a color. Click Apply to save changes to the Show at start status of comments.

  • When you right-click a comment, a context toolbar and shortcut menu appear so you can directly edit features when you read the comments.

  • Comment tooltips show the text <image> to indicate that the full comment contains an image. The tooltip name matches the name from the Comment background colors section in the Model Display dialog box.

  • Images in comments retain their current aspect ratio and the display quality is improved.
  • When you import images into comments, in the Open dialog box, the All files (*.bmp,*.jpg,*.tif,*.tiff,*.png) option is the default to display all acceptable image types.
  • In the FeatureManager® design tree, comment indicators appear by default next to features that have comments. The color circle matches the color of the comment.

    To control the display of the comment indicators, in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the part node and click Tree Display > Show Comment Indicator.