Restoring Default Settings

You can more easily restore the factory default settings in SOLIDWORKS®.

SOLIDWORKS Settings Wizard

The Copy Settings Wizard is renamed to the SOLIDWORKS Settings Wizard that has an improved and simplified user interface with three options:

Save Settings

Saves SOLIDWORKS settings to a file. You choose the location for the settings file and the settings to save.

Restore Settings

Restores SOLIDWORKS settings from a file.

Reset Settings

Resets all custom settings and returns SOLIDWORKS to the factory defaults. You have the option to save all custom settings to a file before resetting SOLIDWORKS to the factory defaults.

Customize Dialog Box

  • The button appears at the bottom of each tab in the Customize dialog box so you can customize the settings to reset.

  • The Customization tab is removed.

    The options from the Customization tab are reorganized as follows:

    • Shortcut customization:

      Show All

      Removed because this was rarely used. The preferred method is to keep the menu small and click to expand the list

      Reset to Default

      Moved to Menus tab > Reset shortcut menus.

    • Menu customization:

      Show All

      Removed because there was very little difference between this command and Reset to Default for this customization.

      Reset to Default

      Moved to Menus tab > Reset SOLIDWORKS menus.

Customizations and Upgrades

When you upgrade to a new version of SOLIDWORKS, the software keeps all the customizations and also shows any new tabs, menus, toolbars, etc. that were added to the software. Previously, warning dialogs prompted you to make choices that might have led to lost settings.