Importing Options

When you import SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies in SOLIDWORKS Visualize, the Part Grouping options include only two choices to streamline the import process.

To access the importing options:

  1. Open a project.
  2. Click File > Import.
  3. Browse to a .SLDPRT or .SLDASM and click Open.
  4. In the dialog box, on the Geometry tab, specify Part Grouping options.

Part Grouping includes:
  • The Part Grouping menu, which provides two choices when importing SOLIDWORKS .SLDPRT or .SLDASM files.
    • Component/Part/Body
      • Creates nested SOLIDWORKS Visualize groups for SOLIDWORKS assembly components down to the SOLIDWORKS parts and bodies.
      • Creates nested groups for subassembly components, mirror components, pattern components, and SOLIDWORKS folders.
      • Refines SOLIDWORKS Visualize parts based on appearance assignments in each SOLIDWORKS body.
      • Imports saved SOLIDWORKS configurations, animations, and supports Monitor File functionality.
    • Appearance
      • Creates a SOLIDWORKS Visualize part based on every unique SOLIDWORKS appearance.
      • Combines SOLIDWORKS geometry having the same appearance into a single SOLIDWORKS Visualize part.
      • Imports saved SOLIDWORKS configurations.
      • Does not import saved SOLIDWORKS animations and does not support Monitor File functionality.

Imported part names are based on their ancestry. Previously, the name was based on the imported appearance.