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Getting Help

Access to Help Lists ways to access help for SOLIDWORKS Simulation®, as well as hints for searching. See Accessing Help.
What's New Introduces concepts and provides step-by-step examples for many new features.

Click > What's New > PDF or > What's New > HTML.

SOLIDWORKS Administration Guides Access administration documents by release and language. See SOLIDWORKS Administration Guides.
Release Notes Describes new and changed functionality of each Service Pack.

Click > Release Notes.

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Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Simulation Tutorials To perform a step-by-step example using SOLIDWORKS Simulation:

Click > SOLIDWORKS Simulation > Tutorials.

Simulation Reference Links you to important simulation concepts. See SOLIDWORKS Simulation Reference.
Simulation Advisor For assistance during analysis studies:

Click Study > Fixtures > External Loads > Connections or Study > Fixtures > External Loads > Results and select the corresponding Advisor.

Simulation Validation To view verification problems and compare results of simulation studies to known analytical solutions:

Click > SOLIDWORKS Simulation > Validation > Verification Problems and > SOLIDWORKS Simulation > Validation > NAFEMS Benchmarks .

Analysis Research For resources and links to the online knowledge base:

Click Simulation > Research.