Study Reports

You can create reports to document all aspects of a study. Highlights include:

Report Formats

Choose from report formats that are customized for different types of studies.


Report sections are customized for each report format. Choose from the default sections. You can customize the default sections with comments or set options to include additional data. A typical report includes information on the study, materials, loads, fixtures, results, and so forth.


Images of the plots in the Results folder are automatically included in the report. You can also insert images into any section of the report.


Publish reports in Microsoft Word format.


  • Reports do not automatically update if you change the model or analysis information or update the results. To update the report, you must publish the report again.
  • You cannot rename reports or the images in the reports in the Simulation study tree.
  • Reaction force data is not available for grounded bolts, elastic supports, and grounded bearings.
  • Free body forces are not available.